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Shaman Oils

In the Shamanic tradition I studied, there are seven archetypes. The seeds of these archetypes are given to the initiate in a ritual know as the Harmony Rite. Serpent is placed in the root chakra, Jaguar in the sacral chakra, Hummingbird in the solar plexus, Eagle in the heart chakra, Huaskar in the throat chakra, Quetzacotl in the brow chakra and Pachakuti in the crown chakra. Fire ceremonies performed on the new moon and full moon to feed and nurture the archetypes, creating a special relationship to assist the initiate on his/her journey of spiritual growth and healing.

The Shaman Oils are unique blends of essential oils that help to accelerate healing, nourish the archetypes for balance and harmony in the energy field, the mind, emotions and the physical body.

Essential oils come in colours, vibrations and rays.

The ones chosen to make up the blend of each of the shaman oil contain the necessary elements to achieve health, well-being and personal growth.

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