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A Shamanic Healing Session

Healers of ancient cultures had the knowing on how to alleviate members of their tribes from various afflictions, be it physical or mental / emotional, when always the dysfunctions in people’s health would be the result of finding themselves alone, disconnected from their Highest Source.

What is Shamanic healing?


Shamanic healing draws upon the knowledge of many ancient cultures who, by necessity, were more intimately connected to the natural world, the people around them and the energies that help and hinder both.


Gradual urbanisation and the erosion of traditional practices has pushed Shamanism out of the heart of human life, but we are all nonetheless still affected by the energies that Shamanism works with. Unfortunately, without widespread access to Shamanic healing, people are more vulnerable than ever to the effects of imbalanced and/or negative energy.


Like Reiki, Shamanic healing balances and strengthens your chakras (the points at which energy is able to enter and flow through the body) so that energy flows through you as it is supposed to. Indeed, both types of healing address the same issues, just with different methods, which is why I combine both in my healing sessions.



What’s the difference between Shamanic healing and Reiki?


While Shamanic healing and Reiki both work on your chakras, the energies that they draw upon are very different. Reiki connects to the universal energy, which I refer to as “heavenly energy”, while Shamanic healing connects to the energy of living beings, or “earthly energy”.


There are benefits to both, but unlike Reiki, not all the energies that Shamanic healing can connect to are positive. Various cultures have described these positive and negative energies in different ways, often as spirits, and the concepts of blessings and curses are derived from the intense impact that such energies can have on our lives.


This means that, in untrained hands, Shamanism is a more “dangerous” form of healing. More precautions must be taken by a practitioner of Shamanic healing to ensure that both the client and the healer themselves are safe from negative forces that may seek to impede the healing process once the connection to earthly energy is made.


Shamanic journeys are the other way that Shamanic healing differs from Reiki. These journeys are shared between the healer and the client, and they explore your past, present and future possibilities. This allows you to see what baggage from the past is holding you back and what lessons the past can offer to help you today, as well allowing you to explore all potential destinies that are ahead of you and how you might achieve the one that is most desirable.


Can you tell me more about Shamanic journeys?


During a Shamanic journey, your healer acts as a guide to steer you towards knowledge that is helpful to you and away from mental and emotional blocks that impede your journey. These journeys will take you to places that you may have long forgotten or deliberately blocked out, sometimes even to memories of past generations.


Exploring such places can be very difficult, especially for people who have experienced trauma, so knowing when to “pull back” a client is yet another area where a Shamanic healer must act responsibly. Shamanic healers are able to see part or all of what you are seeing, so it is important that you trust them to act in your best interests.


With the right guidance, Shamanic journeys are one of the most transformational experiences you can have in your life. You’ll learn what baggage is weighing you down and holding you back from being the best you can be, as well as what possibilities the future can hold for you, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions with the power to act forcefully and positively.


How do you protect me from negative forces during a Shamanic healing session?


Both clients and the healer can be protected from negative forces through the creation of a sacred space, where only good and pure energies are able to enter. Once healing commences, energies of all varieties will be attracted to myself and the client, so it’s essential that I create the sacred space as a “filter” for anything negative.


The sacred space is created through a ceremony that only trained and experienced Shamanic healers can complete, where I call upon the elements and archetypes related to the four directions (north, east, south and west), the earth and heavens to imbue the room with overwhelming positive force through which no malevolent energies can enter.


Who can benefit from Shamanic healing?


We are all guided and affected by positive and negative, heavenly and earthly energies, whether you believe so or don’t. Like Reiki, the benefits of Shamanic healing are available to anyone and everyone.


That said, Shamanic healing is of particular benefit to people who can feel something is holding them back, or that their life isn’t where they want it do be, but they don’t know what is preventing them from achieving their true potential.


Through the balancing of chakras and Shamanic journeys, such people can gain power, wisdom and freedom that allows them to pursue a more positive and meaningful path in life. I know that this was my personal experience with Shamanic healing, and now I want to pass on that same transformational sensation to as many people as I am able to.


How will I feel after Shamanic healing?


The most common sensation reported by my clients is a feeling of lightness, as if a burden has been lifted off them – which, quite often, it has. They also often feel more energised and able to make wise, positive decisions, even when faced with challenging situations.


Early on in the process, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the visions experienced during Shamanic journeys, so it’s recommended that you have some time and space to yourself after a session to think about what you have seen and experienced – though I will always make sure not to expose a client to too much too soon.


Long term, it’s no exaggeration to say that the effects are life-changing. The combination of balanced chakras and the wisdom revealed by Shamanic journeys allows people to make their dreams a reality, just as I did and continue to do now as a Shamanic healer and Reiki master.


How do you use Shamanic healing during your energy healing sessions?


Thanks to my knowledge of Shamanic healing, I start all healing sessions with the creation of a sacred space and am able to draw upon earthly energies in addition to the heavenly energies that Reiki channels in order to precisely clear, balance and reinvigorate chakras. I can also, if the client wishes it, take them on a Shamanic journey.


Journeys and should retrievals are part of a Shamanic healing session. If you wish to find out more, click here to book a 30 minutes FREE consultation.

The luminous body holds a template of our health. It encodes how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we will die.

Alberto Villoldo

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